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Our lodging facility includes a sun deck and sheltered patio area that offers ping-pong and badminton.


We have free limited undercover parking in our ground-floor parking area.

Parking is limited to one car per unit and on some nights there may not be enough spaces for everyone, but overnight street parking is available directly alongside the Inn on 48th Avenue. Some spaces in our garage are large enough to accomodate vans and some small RVs. Please note: Height clearance is limited in our parking garage, so tall vehicles must heed the low-clearance signs.

Parking spaces are not assigned so it’s whatever is available when you park. The parking spaces are clearly marked. Parking is tight and each vehicle can only take up one spot. No vehicles may be parked in positions which prevent others from leaving.


Excellent dining is available at our own Seal Rock Inn Restaurant with breakfast and lunch served all day (6:00 am to 4:00 pm weekdays and until 6:00 pm on weekends). Outside dining is also available for those who want to enjoy an ocean view with a nice sea breeze.

telephone features

Two-line phones Each room has two telephone lines so you don’t have to disrupt your Internet connection to make a phone call. If you are on one line, a second call will ring on your second line.

Voice-mail You can set up our personalized voice-mail to handle your messages when you are out of your room.

Wi-Fi Free Wi-Fi (wireless Internet access) is available throughout the restaurant, lobby, patio and in the guest rooms.

Data Ports and DSL All our guest room telephones have data ports for connecting with data modems and fax machines. If you prefer a DSL connection, please ask the front desk for assisstance. You’ll need to be carrying an ethernet cable to connect to the guest room wall jack. (Because we are a small Inn and don’t have a technician on our staff we can’t guarantee our DSL connection will run with your computer).

Wake-up Service The telephones are also equipped with automated or self-programmed wake-up service which you can quickly set up from your room using the easy-to-follow voice instructions.

Call-forwarding Our main switchboard is equipped with call forwarding so your friends can call you directly at any time as long as they know what room you are staying in. Otherwise, incoming calls are limited to to our switchboard hours.


Room at Seal Rock Inn